LUXEMBOURG, LU, 26/04/2021 — Nordea Asset Management (NAM) is pleased to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Nordea 1 – Global Climate Engagement Fund (ISIN BP-USD: LU2463526074 / BI-USD: LU2463525423).

The strategy was launched in the wake of the Ukrainian war and the resulting concerns about European energy sovereignty. It aims to accelerate the transition to a lower carbon and energy efficient economy.

Over the past few years climate investing has focused on avoiding polluting sectors and selecting climate leaders, which has led to an investment exodus from companies deemed “less good” in ESG terms. Nordea 1 – Global Climate Engagement Fund, by contrast, aims to target companies in the earlier stages of transition towards sustainable business models—an approach we call Climate Investing 2.0.

Indeed, many companies in carbon-intensive sectors like energy, industrial and agriculture play a crucial role in achieving the transition to a greener and lower carbon economy. Considered “climate laggards” many of them are neglected by today’s market. But moving them towards the green transition can unlock their untapped value as the market re-evaluates them and allows them to create alpha and drive real-world change.

“Over the past few years we have witnessed a meaningful flight of capital out of areas of the market deemed ‘not green enough’ and potentially at risk in the transition to a net zero emissions world. Yet we believe many businesses that are carbon intensive today will still be relevant in the future green economy — or even critical to enabling the energy transition. Our goal is to generate alpha by de-risking the fundamentals of these companies through engagement on decarbonisation targets, strategy and capital commitments.”


Alexandra Christiansen, Portfolio Manager of Nordea 1 – Global Climate Engagement Fund

Building on 15 years of recognized climate expertise, NAM designed the Nordea 1 – Global Climate Engagement Fund to leverage the power of engagement to help companies improve environmental perfor¬mance and align business models with a low-carbon economy. NAM currently manages 13.8 bn EUR in climate solutions.

Editor’s note:

Nordea 1 – Global Climate Engagement Fund: LU2463526074 (BP-USD – SRI: 4 out of 7*); LU2463525423 (BI-USD – SRI: 4 out of 7*)

*Other risks materially relevant to the PRIIP not included in the summary risk indicator: Country Risk – China, Depositary Receipt risk, Derivatives risk, Emerging and frontier markets risk, Securities handling risk, Taxation risk. For more information on risks the fund is exposed to, please refer to the section “Risk Descriptions” of the prospectus.